Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Starting Over Again - Once More With Feeling

Chairman of the Parole Board:   They've got a NAME for people like you, "Hi" That name is called "recidivist."

Parole Board member:   Ree-Peet offender!

CotPB:  Not a pretty name, is it "Hi"?

H.I. McDunnagh: No, sir. That's one bonehead name, but that ain't me any more.

CotPB: You're not just telling us what we want to HEAR?

H.I.: No, sir, no way.

Parole Board member:   'Cause we just want to hear the truth.

H.I.:  Well... then I guess I AM telling you what you want to hear...

CotPB:  Boy, didn't we just TELL you not to DO that?

H.I.:  Yes, sir.

CotPB:  Well..Okay, then.

Twice a week, til I falter, folks. I will falter - it's a Fallen World.

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