Thursday, February 20, 2014

He gets bored sitting in the depths of N'Kai - the least I can do is give him a numerically ordered series to read.

Five Things I Plan To Learn To Do Before I Die

1) Play the Ukulele PROPERLY: I own a ukulele. I can even play it from time to time with a finger chart open in front of me and a song book by it's side. I can not really PLAY that ukulele.  I'll fix that.

2) The Latin Hustle:  Years of avoiding gym as a elective class in junior high school and altogether as any sort of a class in high school has left me without the annoying repetitiveness of a a little phenomenon that my peers experienced called "The Health Hustle". Being born when I was meant that I was about 5 years too young to actually do the Hustle when it was a line dance that people were doing.  Still as years have gone by and with an embarrassing love of disco music ladled on top of it I am still Hustle-free. I'm going to fix that.

3) Become the model builder and miniature painter that I have always wanted to be:  I would love to do repaints of dolls and miniature figurines because I have always been fascinated with them but have never been able to devote the time to it that I've wanted to. I want to be GOOD at it too - I know that'll mean practice, but it's something I like to do and have already done for a little while so I'm not just starting cold.

4) Perform the classic Abbott and Costello WHO'S ON FIRST Routine well enough to make an audience laugh:  I know that Bud and Lou went through that routine til they could do it in their sleep and that they spent years refining it on stage as part of their act. I don't care. I want to learn this one. Preferably from Bud's POV but optimally from either side. I have found a few willing co-conspirators for this one. This is ALSO going to happen.

5) Tapdance - I have been a huuuuge admirer of anyone who can do the tapping toes. Watching someone tap in film can bring me to tears of joy. I have to do this.

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